Wh...why are you here?

My name is Phuc, an undergraduate student finishing a Computer Science and a Math degree, interested in any new and shining technology (am i a Crows?).

This website is a random project I started years ago, and somehow still alive today. This is my playground, where I will play with those shining technology and archive what I learned.

Check out my projects, my writings and my resume.

My Projects

Whitworth ACM Capture the flag 2022

Original hacking competition with the goal to introduce basic concept of hacking and cyber security: cookies, html, reverse engineer javascript, XSS, template injection,...

screen shot of the project

Carl-Maxey History learning website

Create with ReactJS and Firebase, this website is used by K-12 students at Spokane to learn more about African American history

screen shot of the project

Reddit translator

Designed to help support the Vietnamese/non-Englist speaking community with fast real-time translations on Reddit. Featured on DigitalOcean for helping the community during Covid-19

screen shot of the project

Non-profit's website

I, with other 2 students, set up a website for Spokane Valley Community Advocates, a local non-profit organization. I also set up an AWS server hosting the website and the backend API of the website.

screen shot of the project

Discord bot

Cool people use Discord, cooler people make Discord bot! So here is mine. (Trusted?) and used in over 300 servers

screen shot of the project


Presonal blog contains write up about my past projects related to security. Original posts are in Vietnamese and will be translated to English.

screen shot of the project


One of my very first project, made in 2019! Utilize API and PHP to have all (neutral) news in one page. No personalized news, no one-sided political views!!

screen shot of the project

My Writings